Bonvisi awards Ranch Scholarship

Bonvisi awards a scholarship yearly to an applying urology physician doing scientific work in Transurethral and/or Electrical Endoluminal surgery (stone extraction). The Board of the Swedish Urology Association appoints the yearly scholarship holder. Its name "The Ranch Scholarship" honors Dr. Thomas Ranch's work on developing fluid management during TUR surgery.

The 2017 Ranch Scholarship was awarded to Anna-Lena Brink and Mudhar Hasan, Surgery and Urology, Danderyd Hospital, for their work:

"Effektivitet och säkerhet vid flexibel uretärorenoskopi med laser för behandling av stora njurkonkrement".

Bonvisis representative Anders Elf presented the scholarship at the annual Swedish Urology Meeting in October 2017.

Bonvisi is looking forward to awarding the 2018 Ranch Scholarship at the annual Swedish Urology Meeting in October 2018. Please Contact the Swedish Urology Association if you want to find out more about how to apply.