Day Cassette

Fluids that the ENDO P® irrigates to and evacuates from the cavity, are transported in sterile disposables. These disposables are product unique to ensure product performance. Only disposables approved by Bonvisi can be used.

ENDO P® can be operated during Cystoscopic procedures. In this case, only inflow (irrigation) is used. Irrigation is conducted via the disposable ENDO P® Day Cassette, which is connected to the irrigation side of ENDO P®. The Day Cassette can be used for the duration of one day, ONE-DAY USE™. 

When the product is used for TUR-Surgery, both in- and outflow function is active. 
The outflow (evacuation) function uses a disposable unit called the ENDO P® Patient Cassette. 
The Patient Cassette is packed together with the disposable ENDO P® Irrigation Tube. The Tube is connected to the Day Cassette, completing the patient’s irrigation line (via the endoscope).The Irrigation Tube includes a Back-Valve that prevents reflux of fluids into the Day Cassette, enabling it to be used for more than one patient, still limited to ONE-DAY USE™.

To complete the irrigation line when ENDO P® shall be used during Cystoscopic procedures, the Irrigation Tube can be purchased separately.