Connection of Endo P® with accessories


The ENDO P®  combines with specific accessories. These are:

ENDO BP™ shall be connected to the ENDO P® to enable full functionality. ENDO BP™ measures the patients’ systemic blood pressure (Systolic and diastolic) during the procedure. Based on inputs from ENDO BP™, ENDO P® dynamically calculates an individual delivery pressure for each case. This provides a fluid pressure that is always close to required cavity pressure, optimizing the reduction of per-operative bleeding. The measured systemic blood pressure is not intended for diagnostic purposes.

The Foot pedal is another accessory that shall be connected to ENDO P® for full functionality. With the foot pedal, a surgeon can temporarily and easily adjust flow and pressure during the procedure. The foot pedal can also be used to start and stop ENDO P®.

Several types of cables are components of the ENDO P® and ENDO H® devices. For more information see the system diagram on this page.

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