Endo H irrigation fluid warmer

Endo H®

In response to requests from our clinical users Bonvisi has developed the ENDO H® irrigation fluid warmer. This device is used together with the ENDO P® when the warming of irrigation fluid is required.

ENDO H® warms the irrigation fluid to an optimal temperature thereby ensuring that patient safety is enhanced by eliminating the risk of low-temperature fluids causing systemic complications.

ENDO H® is connected to ENDO P® so that the power of the heater is automatically moderated dependent upon the irrigation flow rate. The ENDO H® incorporates a multi-layered safety system to ensure that the risk of overheated fluids is removed.

The use of ENDO H® eliminates the requirement for pre-warming fluid bags prior to clinical use.
Irrigation fluid is transported through the ENDO H® using the Heater Bag®. The fluid is warmed using heat exchange technology to increase the fluid temperature to the desired level.

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