Day Cassette product unique sterile disposables

Day Cassette

When using the ENDO P® system, irrigation fluid is delivered to, and evacuated from the relevant channels on the endoscope via sterile disposable tubing and cassettes.

The ENDO P® Day Cassette is a disposable that connects to the irrigation side of ENDO P® and delivers irrigation fluid to the inflow channel during surgery. It can be used for multiple patients throughout a surgery session.

The Day Cassette facilitates safe fluid delivery and incorporates two integral pressure measurement membranes. These allow the ENDO P® to provide the unique function of active, real-time pressure management.

The Day Cassette is used in conjunction with our unique ENDO P® Irrigation Tube.

During endoscopic surgery of the urinary tract using a dual channel instrument the Day Cassette delivers fluid to the inflow channel. The outflow function uses a separate disposable cassette and tubing set called the ENDO P® Patient Cassette

ENDO P® can also be used during cystoscopy examination when a single-channel instrument is used. In this case, the Day Cassette and the Irrigation Tube are used with no requirement for a Patient Cassette. They connect to the inflow channel of the instrument. Sterility of the tubing and fluid is protected by a non-return valve. This facilitates optimum cost-effectiveness as it removes the need to dispose of part-used fluid bags.

These disposables are unique to Bonvisi and are designed to ensure optimum patient safety and product performance. It is imperative that only disposables approved by Bonvisi are used with our fluid management system.

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