Patient Cassette product unique disposables

Patient Cassette

When using the ENDO P® system, irrigation fluid is delivered to and evacuated from the relevant channels on the endoscope via sterile disposable tubing and cassettes.

The ENDO P® Patient Cassette is a disposable for single patient use and handles the outflow during surgery. The package also includes the sterile, single-use ENDO P® Irrigation Tube. This is needed to connect the ENDO P® Day Cassette to the inflow channel of the endoscope.

When a dual channel endoscope is used, as during most urinary tract procedures, the ENDO P® Patient Cassette safely handles all outflow fluid including irrigation fluid, blood, etc., and delivers this to the waste fluid collection container.

The ENDO P® Patient Cassette incorporates a pressure measurement membrane. This is part of our unique, patented technology and allows our system to accurately and reliably manage and control the fluid pressure in the operating cavity. This ensures optimum visibility and maximum patient safety.

These disposables are unique to Bonvisi and are designed to ensure optimum patient safety and product performance. It is imperative that only disposables approved by Bonvisi are used with our fluid management system.

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