Our products – for safer procedures

Bonvisi manufactures a fluid management system for urological surgery. This system comprises of a pressure controlling irrigation pump called ENDO P®, and an inline fluid warming device called ENDO H®. Together they considerably improve endoscopic surgical procedure conditions. The key benefits are increased visibility, reduced intra and post-operative bleeding and shorter operation times. This results in safer, more cost-efficient endoscopy operations.

Endo P® products for safer procedures
Endo P® mechanical fluid management system


The ENDO P® is a novel fluid management system that enhances visibility and patient safety. It is developed specifically for urological endoscopic procedures.

Day Cassette product unique sterile disposables

Day Cassette

This disposable connects to the irrigation side of ENDO P® and delivers irrigation fluid to the inflow channel during surgery. It can be used for multiple patients throughout a surgery session.

Patient Cassette product unique disposables

Patient Cassette

This disposable is for single patient use and handles the outflow during surgery An active outflow pump facilitates accurate management of fluid pressure.

Irrigation Tube

The Irrigation Tube is a single-use item that connects to the inflow channel. It ensures sterility of the system and includes a valve that prevents fluid reflux. This disposable is used per single patient.

Endo H irrigation fluid warmer


ENDO H® is an inline fluid warmer that ensures fluid is delivered to the patient at the optimum temperature.

Heater Bag sterile tubing and matrix set

Heater bag

This disposable facilitates the warming of fluid with ENDO H®. It is sterile and can be used for multiple patients throughout a surgery session.

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