Heater Bag sterile tubing and matrix set

Heater Bag

The ENDO H® Heater Bag is a sterile tubing and matrix set that is specifically designed to be used with the ENDO H® fluid warming device. It can be used for multiple patients throughout a surgery session.

The ENDO H® Heater Bag is connected to the ENDO P® Day Cassette so that the irrigation fluid is maintained in a fully closed system as it passes over the heat exchange plate of the ENDO H® fluid warmer. The Heater Bag® has a combination of offset positioning holes to ensure that it is always correctly situated in the ENDO H®. This ensures safe use and optimal fluid warming.

These disposables are unique to Bonvisi and are designed to ensure optimum patient safety and product performance. It is imperative that only disposables approved by Bonvisi are used with our fluid management system.

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