A recap of past events and future plans

As the year draws to a close, here is Bonvisi’s summary of past events and future plans.


We had planned to make our big launch in March 2020, but we all know what happened in 2020! Many of the urological operating theatres have been closed since Covid, and the Urologists have been focusing on Covid patients. Fortunately, since the summer we have seen that the theatres are opening up again and all the patients that have been on waiting lists are starting to come back for treatments. One of the USPs with our system is a shorter operating time. This provides a more efficient OR so is a big win for the healthcare system, a win for the patient and a win for us. We now have 15 systems installed and in use in the Nordic countries and Europe, and a long list of hospitals that are waiting to start.


Covid did slow us down a little during 2021 of course but we hope to install in all hospitals that we have on the target list asap after the new year. To be able to accomplish this we will add 2 more sales/product specialists to the team next year, and a technical specialist that will help out with service etc.


We are also working hard to complete the regulatory papers for USA and Japan, we aim to have these regulatory processes completed and approved before 2023 so we can launch and start sales activities in these markets during 2023.


It´s busy but fun times to work in Bonvisi at the moment! We have got such good feedback from new and old users this year. And we will do the very best that we can during 2022 to meet the needs of our customers old and new and assist all those who wish to use our fluid management system for their patients.


We look forward to what the future will bring.

A happy and healthy new year 2022 wishes Bonvisi.

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