Bonvisi AB and Serres Group Oy enter into cooperation

Bonvisi AB and Serres Group Oy enter into cooperation

Serres Group Oy ( – “Serres” – through agreements signed on 27 September 2017, has implemented a minority shareholding in Bonvisi AB – “Bonvisi” – and has licensed Bonvisi’s patented technology on a non-exclusive basis for use in Serres products. The two parties have also entered into a cooperation to facilitate the development of new products.

Serres is a family owned company with solid roots in Finnish entrepreneurship and a proven track record in building a profitable global medical device business. The subsidiary Serres Oy is a leading manufacturer of liquid waste collection and disposable systems used in more than 40 000 operations in 38 countries. Serres’s competitive advantages have been built on innovative solutions, high quality, scalable production technology and mutually beneficial long-term third-party distribution partnerships. These advantages have made Serres Oy the world’s second largest manufacturer in their chosen sector.

Bonvisi is a private Swedish company developing, manufacturing and selling medical devices aimed at the global endoscopic surgery market. Bonvisi’s management is confident that cooperation with Serres will prove advantageous for both parties as there are several opportunities for synergy between the two companies’ business areas. Bonvisi’s knowledge in pump technology will be valuable for Serres. In similar ways, Serres’s knowledge in production of cost-effective PVC-free disposable products and the company’s distribution know-how is useful for Bonvisi. Especially now, when the disposable volumes of the Bonvisi Fluid Management System ENDO P®  are growing rapidly after the introduction one year ago.

This cooperation does not bring any changes to the strategy or operational nature of Bonvisi AB. The company’s focus on providing safe and cost-efficient products to the Endoscopic Fluid Management market remains unchanged. Bonvisi is a venture capital investment for Serres Group Oy where Serres are looking for a strong value creation with medium-term investment horizon.

Nacka, Sweden, October 2017

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