New urology pump makes operation faster and safer

Connection of Endo P® with accessories

Last week the Swedish innovation ENDO P® made its first appearance – a urology pump that shortens the operation times with up to 30%.

The pump is the first of its kind and regulates the irrigation flow in a new way. The premiere took place at Uddevalla hospital in Sweden.

The new urology pump simplifies operations in the prostate and other parts of the urinary tract through a patented method developed by the medtech company Bonvisi. The pump regulates the fluid flow during the operation. This way these operations can be made safer, faster and less expensive.

– We have been using urology pumps since the late 1990s, but with Endo P this area really takes a great leap forward. Thanks to the precise delivery of fluid into the surgical area we can carry out operations that are both safer and faster, says Thomas Ranch, senior physician at the urology clinic at Uddevalla hospital in Sweden.

Usually, at prostate operations with traditional so-­‐called TUR-­‐surgery, free and partly unregulated fluid flow is used to flush the operation area clean of tissue debris. When wanting to increase the irrigation, for instance to improve the visibility during the operation, you must raise the bag that delivers the sterile fluid. This causes a fluctuating pressure in the operation area in a way that is difficult to control. If this pressure is too high, fluid will be forced into the patient’s blood stream, which can cause severe risks.

The urology pump ENDO P® regulates the fluid irrigation which means that you can control the pressure during the whole procedure. This in turn helps to minimize the bleeding so that the surgeon gets a continuously good visibility. Reduced bleeding and improved visibility means safer and faster operations. Furthermore it reduces the consumption of sterile irrigation fluid.

The equipment is developed by the Swedish med-­‐tech company Bonvisi AB in cooperation with several Swedish scientists. Preliminary results from Bonvisi’s research show that the operation time can be reduced with as much as 30%, which makes it possible to operate more patients and thereby shorten the operation waiting lists.

– Our estimate shows that the time you save enables at least one more operation per day for a hospital. Together with the reduced fluid consumption, this gives the hospitals great economical benefits by using Endo P, says Anders Möllstam, CEO Bonvisi AB.

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