The Urology Days in Malmö 6-7/10-2022

Attending the Swedish Urology Days in Malmö was a great success. Pressure controlled fluid management was discussed/debated with many interested participants. We were happy to experience some on the mission to find exactly this concept.

Come see us at the European Association Urology conference in Amsterdam

We will be exhibiting the ENDO P® Fluid Management System, presenting solutions to risks associated with over-pressure during irrigation such as post-operative pain and potentially fatal sepsis. The ENDO P® Fluid Management System is the only irrigation system that actively monitors and automatically controls and manages fluid pressure in the operating cavity. It optimizes visibility […]

Interview with Jonas Liljedal, Bonvisi’s Head of Sales and Marketing

What are your goals as Head of Sales and Marketing at Bonvisi? The ultimate goal is to replace gravity in urology! Current practice in many hospitals is to deliver fluid irrigation during urology using gravity as to deliver the flow. The major downside of this is that any increase in fluid flow rate necessarily requires […]

A recap of past events and future plans

As the year draws to a close, here is Bonvisi’s summary of past events and future plans.   We had planned to make our big launch in March 2020, but we all know what happened in 2020! Many of the urological operating theatres have been closed since Covid, and the Urologists have been focusing on Covid patients. Fortunately, since the summer we have seen that the […]

Bonvisi is looking for an International Product Specialist

Bonvisi is recruiting and will stregthen the team with an International Product Specialist! If you are a business professional with a minimum of 5 years experience from sales of capital equipment and disposables  and preferably experience from urology and/or endoscopy – do not hesitate to contact us! This position will be full-time and field based […]

Swedish urology exhibition, Urologidagarna 2021

Bonvisi invites you to see their products at the annual Swedish urology exhibition, Urologidagarna 2021, held in Öre, October 6th-8th. If you would like to get in contact with us at the exhibition, send us an email at We are looking forward to meeting you there. Welcome!

Arab Health exhibition 2021

Arab Health is the second largest healthcare exhibition in the world

Arab Health is the second-largest healthcare exhibition in the world and the largest in the Middle East. It stands as a good demonstrator for the dynamism and strength of the healthcare industry within the region. The annual exhibition presents great opportunities to network and build relationships within the healthcare industry. If you would like to […]

Bonvisi AB and Serres Group Oy enter into cooperation

Bonvisi AB and Serres Group Oy enter into cooperation

Serres Group Oy ( – “Serres” – through agreements signed on 27 September 2017, has implemented a minority shareholding in Bonvisi AB – “Bonvisi” – and has licensed Bonvisi’s patented technology on a non-exclusive basis for use in Serres products. The two parties have also entered into a cooperation to facilitate the development of new products. Serres is […]

Bonvisi attended the European Association of Urology Exhibition

Bonvisi attended the European Association of Urology Exhibition

In March, Bonvisi attended the European Association of Urology Exhibition – a premier event for showcasing new and established products as well as cutting-edge medical technology. We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth and inquired about our innovative product – Endo P®. You inspire us, and we really enjoyed networking with you during these […]